Photoshoot Packages & FAQ


Want to see if you've got what it takes? Or maybe you've done photoshoots before and are planning to expand your portfolio? A test shoot is meant to be fun and easy with no pressure and usually more creative than other types of shots.

Glamour & Boudoir

Experience what it's like to model and get real proof that you can be that person on the cover of a magazine! Treat yourself to a day involving modelling guidance, a professional photoshoot, and personal makeup artist and hair stylist to bring out the best in you.

Be as bold as you like. Be as provocative as you like.


Need high end shots for your magazine or website? 

I offer creative direction and professional photography services for editorial and commercial photoshoots.


Test Shoot


Test your skills, learn, and get images amazing images done too!

Up to 2 hours of shooting, receive 100 unedited shots and 5 retouched photos.

Complete Shoot


Get the full treatment! Bring different outfits and let's take the best shot of you ever!

Up to 3 hours of shooting, 5 outfits, receive 200 unedited shots and 20 retouched photos.

Custom Shoot

Need more or have a special request?

Let's plan it together!

A shoot includes all you need:

- Initial consultation to plan our shoot and wardrobe 
- A quick posing lesson/warm-up shots if needed 
- Go through the images after the shoot
- Retouching and electronic delivery of the selected images 

Need a Hair or Makeup artist?

Add a professional hair/makeup artist for $100

Photoshoots are done in a private studio setting.

Want to schedule a tailor made photoshoot? get in touch!


What is shooting with you like? 

I understand how self-conscious and awkward we can all feel in front of the camera so my primary concern is to ensure your comfort. Most of the ladies in my portfolio are not professional models and everyone requires a certain amount of guidance during their shoot. No matter how much or how little experience you have, rest assured that you will walk away from your shoot with pictures worthy of a magazine page.

What does a shoot include? 

Every shoot includes my time and retouching of select images as well as private studio time. Since most models don't require a makeup artist, I do not work with one on a regular basis. If you want one I could refer you to one so you can either book your own or visit any reputable makeup counter/salon in your city. 

Can I bring a friend/boyfriend/pet to the shoot? 

I strive to create a comfortable and relaxed environment during the shoot and welcome anything that would make you feel at home (your favourite music, light snacks, cocktails). If you are expecting to have friends/guests/make up artists/business associates etc on site at the time of my arrival, please advise me beforehand – I do not like an audience at the shoot and prefer a closed set for optimal results. While I will be happy to meet them, I ask that we are working alone during our booking so I can give you my undivided attention and deliver the images you expect from me. 

Do you provide a location for the shoot? 

Yes. In Toronto, Most of my shoots are done at my private studio. If you want to shoot on location there'll be an extra charge depending on the location for travel and equipment transportation costs.

Who is in the room during the shoot? 

Only myself and you will be available during the shoot so that we can focus on creating the best shots possible.

How far in advance do I need to book? 

Schedule permitting I can accommodate short notice shoot down to couple of days. Feel free to contact me regarding my schedule.

Do you require a deposit? 

Yes. A shoot is considered confirmed only once the deposit has been received. Deposits are not refundable. 

How can I pay you? 

I accept electronic and cash payments. For deposits, I accept cash, e-transfers, bitcoin or Paypal. 

What do I need to prepare for the shoot? 

Prior to the shoot, you can send me ‘inspiration’ images to look at as I always like to see what kind of look you are going for. Pay special attention to your makeup, hair and nails (both pedicure and manicure). Bring a good selection of outfits (lingerie, shoes, dresses and accessories) – I have years of experience in styling and will be able to assist you in coordinating your looks should you need help. 

In selecting garments for the shoot, keep in mind the kind of image you would like to project to your admirers. Remember that if you want to stand out, it’s up to you to make that difference. 

Please arrive fully prepared as any preparations done ‘on set’ will only take time away from your booking. 

Do you provide receipts for your services? 

I could provide you with a receipt, however an additional 13% hst tax will need to be added to the total.

Who will see my images? 

Your images are kept private and shared with only you via a private sharing system. 

Who will select the final images? 

The final choice is always up to you. I am happy to make recommendations or help you narrow down your selections if you like but you have the final say. 

When do I get my photos? 

A narrowed down number of the photos (50-100) will be made available to you electronically within a day to help you with selection. After the selection is done, retouching will take up to a week to complete.

Do you provide raw images?

RAW images are not included in the packages I offer, however If you need the RAW files, I can provide up to 100 of the unedited RAW files for $100. 

What does retouching include? 

I offer basic retouching for the selected images. This includes everything needed to bring out the best in each image, such as skin smoothing, removal of lines or pimples, cropping, angel adjustment, color correction, blurring (if needed). I do not change the content of an image (i.e. add or remove things in the photo).

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